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Welcome to our guidebook, a collaborative project initiated by the Panjika Cooperative and brought to life with the help of our local climbing community in Leonidio, along with the creative talents of our designer friends and the support of our family members. This guidebook is a product of our shared love for climbing and our dedication to Leonidio's future.


When you purchase this guidebook, you're not only getting a wealth of climbing information, but you're also directly contributing to our mission. The funds raised from its sales will be reinvested into route maintenance, equipping new routes, and various non-profit projects that align with our vision of a thriving and sustainable climbing community.


For the past seven years, we've been deeply involved in the climbing life of Leonidio and the surrounding areas. We've worked to strike a balance between the residents and visiting climbers, fostering a sense of community and a shared appreciation for climbing and nature.


By buying our guidebook, you're playing a crucial role in our ongoing efforts. Your support empowers us to bring our current and future projects to life, helping create a Leonidio that welcomes both locals and visitors in harmony, where climbing coexists with a range of creative and intellectual pursuits.


We extend our sincere thanks for your support. With your help, we're making Leonidio an even better place for climbers of all backgrounds.


Thank you for your support, and happy climbing!

Panjika Team 
& Community

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